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Avocado oil is pressed from the fleshy
pulp which makes it one of the few edible oils not derived from seed. This pulp produces an oil full of healthy fats, including oleic acid and essential fatty acids. Some of the unique benefits include protection to eyes through Lutein, preventing gum diseases, neutralising free radicals and help cure psoriasis.

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  • 100% PURE & Natural: AyurLife Sweet Almond Oil is 100% Pure & Natural obtained by traditional cold pressed extraction from edible grade raw sweet almonds. Therapeutic Grade, no additives, or chemicals,
  • Sweet Almond Oil is a great antioxidant. Rich in Vitamins A, B, D, E and Omega Fatty Acids. It quickly soaks into your skin. A powerful moisturizer can be used on face & body. A great massage oil for skin softening.
  • Protein Rich: Cold Pressed and Unrefined process helps Sweet almond oil to maintain high levels of protein, which can be used for edible, skin & hair.
  • Sweet Almond Oil for Face & Skin: It is an excellent face cleanser making skin fresher and younger in no time. It rejuvenates skin and prevents signs of ageing.
  • Massage Oil for Babies: Sweet Almond oil is one of the best massage oils for babies. It is fast absorbing pure moisturizer & non greasy.


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