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Kesaktha hair Treatment oil by AyurLife is a traditional oil that not only keeps hair strong and protected but also gives relief from stress. Its usage prevents dandruff and hair fall and strengthen the roots of hair.

During stress, massaging with Kesaktha gives relief and relaxation. The de-stressing aroma created by this oil makes to feel calm.
Kesaktha is made up of plants, roots and seeds extracts which gives strength, freshness, aroma and improvement in hair quality. Kesaktha hair Treatment oil is 100% herbal product free from any chemical and no added color.

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Kesaktha Hair Oil is an ayurvedic oil for hair protection. It is a complete herbal product that ensures proper growth of hair and prevention from dandruff and hair fall. This proven completely natural product is the best for head massage and thus helps in removal of stress.

Today’s polluted environment, excess salinity or mineral content in daily use water, hectic lifestyle and several other factors are responsible for headache, stress and weakening of hair roots. After a hectic day, massaging with Kesaktha Hair Oil gives instant stress-relief and boosts strength of hair. It is recommended for both who wish to get beautiful and strong hair, and those who need a natural medicine for stress or headache.

Ayurveda suggests rejuvenation treatments for hair growth and protection, and for the same reason this oil is made of fruit juice, goat milk and several leaf juices like Avuri, Karisalankanni, Mudakkotthan etc.

  • Reduces hair fall
  • Natural Growth of damaged Hair
  • De-stressing aroma
  • Anti-dandruff
  • Promotes Dense Hair growth
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