Kabasura Churna

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Kabasura Kudineer is a well-known Siddha medicine that consists of a whopping 15 herbal ingredients, each of them having unique characteristic features of its own. But this Churna is extensively aimed for boosting the lungs, improving respiratory mechanism and treating infectious conditions like cough, cold, fever and other respiratory infections. This Churna became quite well-known during the times of flu owing to its therapeutic and curative qualities.

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“Kaba sura” in Siddha means fever due to excess accumulation of Kapha, this churna is effective in balancing the kapha dosha which is known to infect the respiratory system. The formulation is particularly significant in reducing the symptoms associated with respiratory ailments such as fever, cough and cold, breathing difficulty and treating flu.

“Kaba” denotes “Kapha dosha”
“Asura” denotes the herb which aid in alleviating the ailments associated with Kapha disorder


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